Why fret over employee liabilities, claims and ever-changing Workers' Comp rates? Let Prosperity handle the hassles for you!


Improved Cash Flow: Prosperity PEO requires no down payment for workers’ compensation. In addition, we have no year-end audit because your workers’ compensation is based on actual payroll. Just think, no more end-of-the-year surprises!

Increased Coverage Levels: Prosperity PEO’s’ workers’ compensation coverage is at $1,000,000 per accident, $1,000,000 aggregate and $1,000,000 per employee. This means added protection for your business.

Proactive Loss Prevention: At Prosperity PEO we believe in working with you to prevent accidents. Our expert onsite surveys and training programs are aimed at eliminating safety hazards before they lead to injury.

Certificates of Insurance: When you need proof of workers’ compensation insurance, simply fax or e-mail our service representatives. Most requests are handled within 24 hours.

Quick and Easy Claims Administration: With Prosperity PEO, one call does it all. When you have a workers’ compensation claim, simply call us. Our representatives will take your information and handle your claim from there. What could be easier?

Benefits with a PEO

  • Reduced employee injuries & illnesses
  • Reduced lost work days
  • Greater productivity
  • Reduced Workers’ Compensation Costs
  • Safer work environment
  • Reduced employee turnover