What day will be our payday?

We deliver payrolls Monday through Friday, based on when you want it and what day you want it dated for. We process weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and even some monthly payrolls.

How do I get started?

First step is to contact us. Then when you decide to use Prosperity PEO, we have kept it very simple. After a brief qualification process, each employee would complete a small packet, we set up your payroll and we’re ready to go. The only responsibility you have is to report your hours to our office. We process your payroll and call you with one total. We then deliver your payroll and management reports to you and collect one check for the entire thing. It’s that simple!

How much do Prosperity PEO services cost?

Often times the cost of Prosperity PEO’s services is less than what it costs you to do the same things on your own. For a free quote, please contact us for a free consultation

Does Prosperity PEO supply new employees for a fee?

No. Unlike a “temp service” or “staffing company”, Prosperity PEO administers payroll, workers' compensation, risk and HR services to your current employees.

Who is responsible for workers' compensation?

Prosperity PEO is recognized the employer of enrolled work site employees for purposes of providing workers' compensation coverage.

Who is responsible for employment laws and regulations?

As employers, both you and Prosperity PEO have compliance obligations. Prosperity PEO provides work site employees with coverage under many employment laws and regulations, including federal, state, and local discrimination laws.

Who is responsible for state unemployment taxes?

As the employer for employment tax and employee benefits, Prosperity PEO assumes responsibility and liability for payment of Florida state-unemployment taxes.

Who is responsible for the employees' wages and employment taxes?

Prosperity PEO assumes responsibility and liability for payment of wages and compliance with the rules and regulations governing the reporting and payment of federal and state taxes on wages paid to its employees. Prosperity PEO has long established our role as reporting income and handling withholding, FICA and FUTA.

How do Prosperity PEO’s client companies’ employees benefit from an arrangement with Prosperity?

Employees seek financial security, access to quality health insurance, a safe working environment and opportunities for retirement savings. Full time employees of Prosperity’s client companies’, upon enrollment, are covered with term life insurance to help provide security to employee’s families. When a company works with Prosperity PEO, job security is improved, as Prosperity PEO implements efficiencies to lower employment costs. Job satisfaction and productivity increase when employees are provided with professional services, safety services and improved communications.

How does Prosperity help me control costs and grow my bottom line?

Prosperity PEO's economy of scale enables you to lower employment costs and increase your business's bottom line. You can maintain a simplified in-house infrastructure, or none at all, by relying on Prosperity PEO. You also can reduce hiring overhead. The professionals at Prosperity PEO can provide critical assistance with employer compliance, which helps protect you against liability. In addition, Prosperity PEO provides time savings by handling routine and redundant tasks. This enables you to focus on the company's core competency and grow your bottom line.