How does an arrangement with Prosperity PEO work?

Once a business enters into an agreement and begins using Prosperity PEO services, they should immediately feel a lessening of the burden of employer related responsibilities, and realize the benefit of time back in their day to focus on growing the revenues of their business. The business and Prosperity technically co-employ the work site employees. In the arrangement among Prosperity, a worksite employee, and a client company, a co-employment relationship exists in which both Prosperity PEO and the client company have an employment relationship with the worker. Prosperity PEO and the client company share and allocate responsibilities and liabilities. Prosperity PEO assumes much of the responsibility and liability for the business of employment, such as covering enrolled employees with workers’ compensation, risk management, payroll and employee tax compliance. You retain responsibility for and manage product development and production, business operations, marketing, sales, and service. Prosperity PEO and the client share certain responsibilities for employment law compliance.