--David, Florida Business Owner

We have been using Prosperity’s services since January 2017. In the nearly 5 years working with them, we have experienced an excellent working relationship. They are very accommodating of last-minute unavoidable changes and our mistakes. They have guided through the mess during COVID 19 and ensured that we were able to claim all the credits we deserved.

I would recommend Prosperity to any business that wants a highly efficient, helpful and seamless services.

--James D, Extended Services Inc.

"We are just a small company - but we have our very own HR Department, ready to handle whatever we need!"

--Tina F, Wilson Consulting

"It is comforting to know that Prosperity PEO ensures that we're always in compliance with all the changing federal and state regulations. Now I can focus more effectively on my own clients."

--Tim Wilson, 123 Productions

"I dreaded processing payroll each week. What a pleasure to pass it along to a professional and have extra time to do tasks I am more productive at!"

--Jane Smith, Acme Construction

"We never realized just how much time we were wasting each week administering our own payroll. Once that time was eliminated, our sales productivity soared thanks Prosperity!"

--Terry Jackson, Superior Electrical

"Our Workers' Comp rates were a nightmare, and claims were such a headache to manage. Now Prosperity does all the work for us...and our rates are lower. It's a no brainer."

--Tom Jones, Ace Plumbing

"When we have a claim, it's handled quickly and efficiently. And Prosperity's increased coverage levels are reassuring."

--Lisa, Roberts Roofing

"Prosperity's training programs have helped us identify safety hazards and reduced our rate of employee injuries. So our workers are happy, healthy and on the job!"

--Fred Sams, MEO Services

"Our employees love the extra benefits we offer through our partnership with Prosperity."

--Ed S, TTI Title

"We can stand up next to larger organizations when we solicit to new employees. Prosperity has made us more competitive."