Prosperity PEO services hundreds of construction companies and knows the construction industry.

Prosperity PEO serves 100s of construction related companies, and knows the industry well. Providing Workers’ Compensation coverage for your business’s employees is mandatory, but Prosperity PEO helps not only to make it easy on the time to administer your coverage, but also makes it easy to budget accurately, calculating your premiums to ensure you’re not overpaying nor getting a nasty year end audit surprise.

Prosperity Helps You Solve Your Administrative Problems

Every construction owner reacts the same way to a problem they’ve never encountered, fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of what’s next, and fear of making a mistake. Fortunately for you, we’ve encountered most construction administrative and compliance problems, so you don’t have to be afraid of those pesky administrative issues.

Prosperity PEO handles your Workers’ Compensation coverage for COI to claims administration. We are also responsible for the burden of the majority of your payroll related governmental compliance tasks and filings. Your administrative questions are answered by our experts. The best part… after you get an answer, we handle the execution.

Prosperity Helps Mitigate Your Risks

You know the risks of running a construction company. Job site risks, rework risks, material risks, and all the planning and budgeting of the job. These risks are easy to handle because you are prepared. The risks that bite you are the ones you don’t see coming. It’s the administrative risks that you didn’t even know about. Avoid the unknown by leaning on our experts.

Prosperity PEO can handle your workers compensation coverage and claims administration. We can manage your payroll and handle payroll governmental compliance saving you 100s of hours a year.

Delegate Your Tasks

o Time. At the end of every week you wonder where the time went–job site visits, planning meetings, payroll, workers compensation, benefits administration, and HR duties. Some of these tasks are fun. Others are a necessary evil. The question you need to ask, are they a necessary evil for you?

When you partner with us , many of your administrative tasks become our tasks. Best of all, you don’t have to be an expert. We know what questions to ask, answers to find, and how to streamline your administrative processes. What a relief it is knowing you have an expert in your corner.

Isn’t it time to delegate your administrative tasks to the professionals at Prosperity PEO?

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