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Federal Contractors Must Show Proof of Covid-19 Vaccination by December 8th


On September 24th, The Safer Federal Workforce Task force issued written Guidance to implement (Deadline December 8th) the Executive Order signed by President Biden on September 9th, which also included a deadline for vaccinations of Federal Employees

The guidance requires Federal Contractors nationwide, to verify that their employees have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Attestations will no longer be acceptable, and the option to undergo regular testing has also been removed.


  • Deadline is December 8, 2021 for Federal Contractors to provide proof of vaccinations (Fully Vaccinated) against Covid-19.
    • The Guidance defines “Fully Vaccinated” for Covid-19 as, 2 weeks after receiving the second dose in a 2-dose series, or 2 weeks after receiving a single dose vaccine.
    • This applies to employees of the Federal Contractor, and their subcontractors at any tier, subject to the covered Federal contract.
    • Legal accommodations still apply for limited circumstances
  • Federal Contractors must designate to coordinate the implementation of, and compliance with, the mandate.
  • Applies to Contractor or subcontractor workplace locations where employees of the covered Federal contract work.
    • Vaccination mandate also applies to employees of the contractor or subcontractor at the location who are not themselves working on or in connection with the covered contract.