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Prosperity PEO, LLC is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) whose team of professionals have years of employee administration knowledge and experience to relieve you of the burden of payroll processing, administering employee benefits, Workers Compensation and HR administration.

Our CEO founded Prosperity PEO on the guiding principal that individual service is the most important ingredient to a successful partnership with any client. Building a partnership with Prosperity PEO allows you time to focus on your products, service, employees, and customers

Prosperity PEO’s expertise in Payroll Processing, Payroll Administration, HR, Workers’ Compensation and Employee Benefits Management are assets we dedicate to your organization–so that your staff frees up valuable time to focus on your own business.

Visit our Services page to learn more about the comprehensive Payroll and PEO offerings Prosperity PEO can provide.

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Who We Serve

Running a small business means taking on a lot of tasks, from managing your staff to keeping workflows moving forward. Unfortunately, you as a business owner assume non-revenue producing and time-consuming tasks including payroll administration, workers comp claims management, regulatory compliance, and employee benefits. These tasks don’t constitute a new admin hire, but they interfere with your ability to run your business by taking up too much of your time…

What if there was a way to offload these responsibilities without the financial risk and training obligations of a new employee?
What if you could focus on the things that matter to you and not frustrating admin tasks?

There’s a solution for you…Prosperity PEO!


“Our intent is to be a value added partner to our clients by providing personal service together with individualized solutions. It is our goal to provide a one-stop solution for Payroll Administration and PEO services–allowing you to focus more entirely on the lucrative aspects of your own business.”

–Janice Legters, CEO

Benefits with Prosperity


  • Streamlined Payroll Processing
  • Reduced Administrative Time / Costs
  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduced Workers’ Comp Costs
  • Decreased Employee Turnover
  • Access to Better Benefit Programs
  • Assistance with Govt Compliance

PEO One-Stop Solutions


  • Payroll Administration & Processing
  • Workers Compensation
  • Employee Benefits
  • Human Resources Management


Our Team 

Janice H. Legters,
Janice Legters is a seasoned leader with over 30 years work experience in the areas of service delivery, operations management, sales management, risk management and P&C insurance.
Thomas F Baldwin, SVP
Thomas Baldwin was welcomed into the Prosperity family in 2016. As the company’s EVP and COO, Mr. Baldwin leads Operations and holds responsibility for all aspects of Client Services.
Vito Sernas
Vice President - Business Development
Vito Sernas proudly joined the Prosperity family in 2021. As the company’s Vice President of Business Development, Vito holds responsibility over areas that include Marketing and Channel Partner growth, as well as several growth-oriented initiatives.
Jeff Rubin
Jeff Rubin joined our Prosperity family in August 2022. As the company’s Controller, Jeff is responsible for the timely remittance of tax payments, maintaining the company’s books of account, and the issuance of monthly financial reports.



Prosperity PEO is dedicated to personalized customer service. Still have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We appreciate the opportunity to speak with you personally.

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A PEO is a Professional Employer Organization that provides comprehensive HR solutions for small, medium and large-size businesses, helping businesses to concentrate on their own businesses by assuming many of the headaches of Workers’ Compensation, Payroll Adminstration, Benefit Administration, Human Resources, and governmental regulatory compliance. National statistics* show that small businesses that work with a PEO grow 7 to 9 percent faster, have employee turnover that is 10 to 14 percent lower, and are 50 percent less likely to go out of business. The return on investment of using a PEO, in costs savings alone, is 27.3 percent.

*Source NAPEO

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Nearly any business, with employees, can find value in a relationship with Prosperity PEO. An average Prosperity client is a business with 10 work site employees, with some as small as 2 employees and as large as 100. Businesses small and large, all find value in an arrangement with us.

Prosperity clients include many different types of businesses ranging from construction trades to accounting firms to high-tech companies and small manufacturers. Many different types of professionals, including doctors, retailers, mechanics and engineers, also benefit from Prosperity’s services.

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We are a business founded on the principle of providing personal service and individualized solutions to small and mid-sized Florida businesses. As business owners need to focus their time and energy on the “business of THEIR business” and not on the “business of employment”, Prosperity PEO can help make that balance a reality. As businesses grow, most owners do not have the necessary payroll and accounting skills, the knowledge of regulatory compliance, or the backgrounds in risk management, insurance and employee benefit programs to meet the demands of being an employer. Prosperity PEO help assist with, and often help provide access to, many benefits and employment amenities which some businesses would not have otherwise.

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Yes. Prosperity PEO is licensed and regulated by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

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